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DDD 2009

Look Ma, No hands!

Silverado Trail, Southbound St. Helena - Napa, Silver KIA (?)

Driver:  cell phone in left hand, cigarette in right and ashing out of the window (yes across her body and out the driver window, oh and still on the phone held to left ear).  Also driving variable speeds below the limit.  Finished call and cigarette, tossed cig out of window, OK back to the wheel?  NO!  Freed hair from hairband and fluffed / primped using both hands.  We got it, lady, you can drive without your hands!  How's about driving with your brain?  Pay attention, maintain your speed and keep your butts to yourself.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I hate it when drivers throw out their cigarrette butts out their window.  There is a fine of $1,000 if they get caught by an on duty Police Officer.  I also hate it when drivers spit out their window while sitting in traffic at an intersection.  It's pretty disgusting and a low thing to do.  I also hate it when people talk on their cell phones and don't pay attention to their surroundings.  Especially, when the dirvers don't have a wireless attached to their phones.  It's like, "Stop talking!!"  I've seen drivers on their phones and running a red light like it's okay .. they do it all the time sort of thing.  One time, after I had gotten off work I was driving home one early morning.  Right when I was about to merge onto Central Expy from North Shoreline in Mountain View, there was a car parked right in the merge lane .. I'm like, "This isn't a parking lot!!"  The car had seen me coming and I seen them throw out a large bag from McDonalds out of their car windows along with their drinks.  I couldn't believe these people!!  I can't believe there are people like this out in our community. 


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