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DDD 2009

Drive in my backseat

I drive on Interstate 80 every day to and from work between LaGrange Road and Larkin Ave - a relatively short distance.  Normally there are no backups so you can really move.  I have noticed, however, that many IDIOTS seem to think it is just fine to drive their cars in my back seat whilst humming along at 75 or 80 mph.  I like to drive fast too, but don't you people believe in physics?  If you have to stop because I have to stop, you're going to crash into me.  Is it so horrible to leave a few car lengths between us?  I really do not enjoy looking at the whites of your eyes in my rear view mirror when my speedometer shows 75 mph.  I hate people who drive slow in the left lane too but this behavior must stop.  Stupid is one thing, but when you mix stupid with an automobile traveling at high speeds, you get DEADLY DANGEROUS.   Just leave a little "breathing room" please.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Friday, June 01, 2007

First try2survive, WELCOME!!  I just started seeing you post, so I am assuming you are new!

This is one of my peeves as well!  I always try to leave room, but it appears this is an invitation for another driver to SQUEEZE in.  What really gets me going is, I will get in the left lane if possible to allow cars merging to merge, but some of them bypass the right lane altogether and try to squeeze in between me and the car in front, because I have left room to allow me to brake safely if need be.  To top it off, these drivers squeezing in are not up to the same speed as the drivers in the left lane, so my question is, how do you expect to get between two vehicles that are going 20+mph more than you!!?  LEAVE the space there, I don't want to be up your butt!!  


Friday, June 15, 2007

Yes, I'm new... NOT to driving and the idiots out there, but new to this website.  It's nice to know there are others interested in maintaining order and safety on the roads.  Thanks for the welcome!  You are right about those people too... the right lane is just another shoulder to some.  

I started a new thing now.  When a MORON who doesn't believe he needs to be more than one inch from my back bumper while he drives over 75 mph, gets behind me and I can make out their eye color, I immediately move over, even if I have to slow down to do it.  I have decided I'm not in their race.  Apparently there is a race to death going on on America's highways but I'm not playing.  They look so smug when I do that because they think they have somehow beaten me.  NO!  IDIOT!  I'm getting away from you so when you kill yourself driving like a blind chimp, you don't take me with you.  So pass me, go ahead, you fast drivers who are unaffected by physics, rush to your deaths.  You will get there before me... dead, that is.  I'll be here moving out of the way of you and your ilk.

Stay safe, tdecker69!


Monday, June 18, 2007

I agree.  Move over and let them take themselves out.  I don't want to die because of their stupidity.  Hopefully they won't take out innocent people when they finally lose it.


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