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DDD 2009

Some Nerve!

 I was taking my daughter to school this morning in Raytown going the speed limit of 35.  I know I was going the speed limit because I saw a cop coming down the road and I looked down at my speed to make sure I was obeying the law.  Out of the blue this black car come up really fast on my butt and proceeds to go around me on the shoulder, which was the same side of the car my daughter was on.  I was stunned!  The worst part is that she continued to speed away going at least 50 past the COP!!!!  Had he been paying attention at ALL he would have seen what she did.  I actually laughed when she did it because he was coming right at us and said to my daughter, "she is so busted".  HE DID NOTHING!!!  So I continued to take my daughter to school and low and behold, guess who was in line infront of me taking her son to school and was in the car line right in front of me.  It took everything in me to stay in my car and not cause a scene.  To give you an idea of how fast she was driving, by the time I let my daughter out of the car and pulled out on the road, she was no where to be found, and I was even watching her to see what direction she went.  Do school zones mean nothing to these people?  She is a danger to all of the children at Spring Valley school, and I feel sorry for her son (had to be in kindergarten or 1st grade) because driving like that is going to get somebody hurt if not killed.  Her plate number is 323-PPK and she drives a Black Mitzubishi Diamante, watch out for her!!!  I called her information into the police department, they were very nice and understood my frustration, but unless you can identify her in court with the info on the car, they cannot do anything about what happened.  Be careful!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Saturday, March 24, 2007

I am a teacher and I see messes like this all the time.  It appears that people are in a real hurry to get rid of their kids.  We actually had a parent call the principal the other day and ask if she could get her out of a ticket that she got for speeding in the school zone.  Can you believe that?  I guess the crossing guard called the parent in and the parent thought the crossing guard was employed by us.  I thought it was rather amuzing.  Those sign flashing and school zones are there for a reason.  The SAFETY of OUT KIDS! 


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

our Kids too ! :)


Sunday, July 15, 2007

certain ppl just shouldnt be parents. period 


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