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Flag: No Right On Red By Hillsboro Airport

CK-13656 Oregon
Monday, January 22, 2007
OR CK-13656
Brown LEXUS  ES300
Hillsboro, Oregon


You: Heading north at NE 25th Ave. and Evergreen Parkway. Me: Heading east on Evergreen Parkway. There's a "No Turn On Red" sign posted right next to the traffic signal at that intersection and you had the red but you pulled out in front of me anyway. It's a common mistake and I might have let it go... but you wouldn't pass the biker in the bike lane (plenty of room to get around, but you wouldn't go) and you stayed 15mph under the limit even after you got past.


Posted by Baloo_Ursidae on Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I always hated getting stuck behind that bastard when I worked at Intel right across from the airport. Every day he'd pull that move, occasionally almost hitting cross traffic or pedestrians. I hope Intel knows what they're doing when they cut engineers and let that fucktard stick around...

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