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Flag: Dangerous Tailgator

AM-92023 Illinois
Tuesday, March 13, 2018
IL AM-92023
Andre, Illinois


Travelling South on Rt 45 just North of the town of Andres. I was being tailgated by a grey sports car. He was so close I could not see the wipers on his windshield. Traffic was doing the speed limit due to the heavy snow. I finally pulled off the road so this idiot would go around me. I caught up to him at the next stop sign and got his plate number. As we proceeded south, he was tailgating the guy who had been in front of me. That guy also pulled off the road to get this guy off his tail. Visibility was so poor, no one was passing. Guess this idiot opted for forcing people to pull off the road I think the car was a Mitsubishi but I'm guessing


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