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7PVR203 California
Friday, July 07, 2017
CA 7PVR203
black MERCEDES BENZ  big sedan
Mission Hills, California


Getting ready to transition from I-405 north to CA 118 east, 11:20am 7/6/2017, CA 7PVR203 elects to move a lane to the right without looking or maybe looked and just didn't care. If I hadn't braked in the nick of time, it could have been curtains for us and our Prius, an overpriced imported fender, perhaps, for encroaching hulk. Does your insurance company indemnify this vehicle? Bad risk, big mistake! When -- not if -- the inevitable happens and he smashes into a car or two, I'm retired and it would make my day to come testify in court about MY experience with this driver. No mileage charge for my lesser automobile.


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