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Hazard: Hotheaded and stupid

DJC-6715 Michigan
Friday, April 14, 2017
MI DJC-6715
blue FORD  Taurus
Detroit , Michigan


Was minding my own business on EB 96 Express Lanes in Detroit. Dickhead in Taurus was tailgating. Gestured to try to get him to grow up and give me room. Dumbass took both hands off wheel. Threw a fit, gave me finger with both hands. Real safe, dumbshit. He stuck his car partly in my lane when he zipped by, and his was pretty new, seemed like he wanted to sideswipe me, then sped off doing 80-plus in a 70 zone. I called the police and reported him. Offered to prosecute for his reckless dickhead drving. May follow up with them. Next guy he does this infantile, petulant crap to may be packing. Just saying, grow up jackass, Your passenger must have been thrilled, you deranged piece of crap.


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