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Hazard: Dangerous - Daily Driver

583HJZ Arizona
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Blue FORD  Windstar SE Sport
Peoria, Arizona


I travel the same route home a couple times a week - as this lady. I estimate she is in her 50's, she has blonde hair and is always wearing sunglasses. Typically she is driving on Cactus Road - anywhere from I-17 Westbound to 83rd Avenue. The time-frame she is making this drive is between 3:30pm and 4:00pm. She is dangerous and rude - every time I see her on the road. She constantly speeds much more than the flow of traffic, cutting in between cars constantly trying to get ahead. She thinks 12" of space between her rear bumper and your front bumper is sufficient room to cut in front of you. She only uses a turn signal maybe half the time. Oh - and she loves to tailgate. I have been seeing this dangerous woman doing this for the past couple of years. Wouldn't be surprise if she has caused a couple accidents. If you see her on the road, be prepared - she will cut you off in a heartbeat.


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