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Hazard: Traffic Stopping Barbie

Monday, August 11, 2014
silver CHEVROLET  Tahoe
Jacksonville, Florida


OK, So Barbie is in front of me on Oak Bluff at San Jose Blvd sitting in the extreme right hand side of the lane to go straight or make a right. When she pulls up to the red light, i have to assume that she is going straight since there is no blinker on and there is no traffic comming for about a half a mile. so I sit there behind her for several minutes and a bunch of cars come by and finally I decde to go around her and as I pull up next to her, She is sitting there texting away on a cell phone. When she sees me atempt to go around her, she decides to make a right hand turn and goes to cell phone Barbie mecca-Target. Leave the phone on the seat lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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