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CDP-C20 Florida
Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Mt. Dora, Florida


I'm driving south on 441 about 6:30PM in the left hand lane and as I go through a green light at SR44 & this Grey Chevy HHR pulls in front of me from the right hand lane. As I try to do the speed limit of 55MPH, she does about 50 MPH as cars in front of her pull away. As the car beside her would speed up-she would speed up and slow down as it slowed down. When I went to pass her, she increased speed and tried to keep me from getting in front of her. Once I got in fromt of her, she is now doing 70 in a 55MPH zone sitting on my rear bumper. What is up with these people who use a car to exhalt their repressed anger?


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