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DDD 2009


 For the sake of EVERYTHING HOLY, Could Florida drivers PLEASE learn to use the middle and right lanes for yacking, texting, and general "Going nowhere" at the speed of "When I get there I get there"? ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!!!! ARE YOU THAT STUPID!? LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING!!!! NOT LOLLY GAGGING! People always fail to realize that their "Safe and slow" driving is causing frustrations for dozens of other drivers... and frustrated drivers don't think with all their brains because the other part is occupied with being FRUSTRATED! If you're going 55 in a 70 and people are swerving around you to avoid you, YOU ARE NOT DRIVING SAFELY! YOU ARE AN ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN TO SOMEONE ELSE!

I almost crapped a brick the other day, I was driving in the left lane trying to pass some slower traffic when I realized I was VERY QUICKLY approaching another car in front of me. NO ONE in front of her, everyone behind her had already gone around. As I am STUCK behind this dumb cow (as EVERYONE is now passing ME and I can't exactly jump into another lane with an extended cargo van) she pulls her cell phone away from her ear and motions ME to go around!!!!!

If I didn't have a full pack of cigs in the cup holder, I would have rammed her dumb ___ off the road!!!

Situations like this seem to happen on a daily basis.

People like you - Keeping big tobacco in business!

Also, cell phones are getting WAY out of hand. If you can't drive at 95% of your abilities WHILE talking, then DON'T TALK! Ignore the call, turn the phone off, WHATEVER. People who text and drive should immediately have ALL driving privelages PERMANENTLY revoked! Your conversation is NOT more important than my safety!

Officers, isn't stupid driving considered wreckless too?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


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