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8CSB876 California
Tuesday, September 24, 2019
CA 8CSB876
Black DODGE  Challenger
Carson, California


The guy pulls up to me at a red light, in the right hand lane, as if to take a right turn, and guns it to go straight at the green light. He cut over violently - and at the last second - to avoid running into a parked car on a stretch of road marked 30 MPH. He must have been doing 80, no exaggeration. I honked at him once I saw him as I pulled up next to him at the next light. Young black guy, maybe in his mid-20's. Amazing he hasn't hurt anyone yet. Keep your distance, this guy has no business having a license. The plate is a BLACK California Heritage Plate with yellow text, which is a special order. Sorry but Platewire doesn't give me the option of adding it.


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