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Hazard: Reckless dipshit

CW-11554 Michigan
Thursday, September 19, 2019
MI CW-11554
White with logo FORD  F150, with black trailer
Garden City, Michigan


I was heading east on Ford Road this morning and this Dumbass from Gray's Outside Services came up in next lane. He decided he had to change lanes, trailer and all, and force me to move. He also forced me to call 911. I assumed something serious was wrong for him to be so utterly reckless at that hour. He yelled something at me but I didn't want to hear it. I only hope he uses some shred of sense when tending to customers or they should dump him like a hot turd. Gray's number is 248-470-2136. Feel free to call and yell at the idiot if you see him.Am pondering further options against selfish bag of crap. Am so tired of this pushy, reckless crap from morons in pickups. Does someone have to die for you to get a clue? Shit for brains. Can't have paid attention in driver's ed.


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