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Hazard: Raging idiot

DBV-2720 Michigan
Thursday, July 04, 2019
MI DBV-2720
Black. GMC  Sierra pickup
Westland, Michigan


I pulled out onto Wb Warren today and he was speeding along in right lane. He felt it was too close and decided to teach me a lesson. The shithead pulled in front of me and stopped dead in the road. Then he swerved so i couldn't pass him. Then he braked again. He pulled into a parking lot at Middlebelt. I told the cops where he was and went south on Middlebelt. The idiot then followed me to Plymouth Road, where i parked and called police again. If anyone know this hothead, please see that he understands how much he crossed the line: 1. Road rage can get someone hurt or killed. And he could go to jail. 2. Reckless driving could cost him his license and insurance as well. 3. Two police agencies had his info. And I will testify so this childish behavior stops. 4. it's a vehicle not a weapon. Learn the difference, psycho. 5. I was in a subcompact. I wasn't out to cause a wreck. He lacked common sense. 6. It isn't worth it. He belongs in custody unless he grows up fast. Pickup drivers need to realize the laws apply to them, too.


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