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Flag: Thinks they OWN a lane

R65-0770 Illinois
Tuesday, March 13, 2018
IL R65-0770
Grey CHEVROLET  Malibu
Frankfort, Illinois


I turned right onto Rt 30, a 4 lane road after checking for traffic. I saw one oncoming car (the jerk) but they were pretty far away. I was up to speed and I looked in the rear-view mirror. No problem. Then (the jerk) sped way up and switched to the left lane. As soon as he was past me, swerved into my lane, cutting me off and then stepping on the brake. Apparently the jerk felt as if he owned the lane and I was trespassing. I cannot fathom what this persons problem is. I turned with plenty of clearance and when I got up to speed, they had not even caught up to me. The left lane was empty and if they were going that fast, they could have simply changed lanes. Instead, they created a problem for no reason other than to be an ass. I followed the jerk for another 3 miles since being behind them seemed to be the safest place. They never turned right.


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