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Flag: Didn't care

ag-90296 Connecticut
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
CT AG-90296
Noralk, Connecticut


There are two lanes designed to turn right onto the Rt 7 connector. Everybody knows that. There are signs. On 10/18/17, I was in far right lane and there was a small gap between my car and car in front of me, but not enough for another vehicle; however, this boneheaded moron just suddenly yanked out of the left lane right of me. To avoid losing my front end, I slammed on the brakes and pulled to right, luckily not going off the road. She just drove off and didn't care. Not even a brake light. I managed to catch up to her on the connector and glared at her. This middle-aged bleached blonde just waved like 'too bad, don't care'. I thought before I saw her she was just an idiot, but since she showed total total disregard for her behavior and I had laid on the horn for several seconds after she nearly rammed me, I've come to the conclusion she's just a reckless driver. The next time she does this she just might kill someone. IDIOT.


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